Address by the President Ivanov at the Climate Summit COP24
Monday, 03 December 2018 13:15   

PRM_cop_01Esteemed excellences,
Ladies and gentlemen,

As President of the Republic of Macedonia, I have the honor to address you first at what is my last participation at the Conference of the parties.

In the past 10 years I have witnessed high expectations and soaring disappointments, great obstacles and even greater resolution of a handful of people, a global creative minority, that was determined to bring us, the policy and decision makers to Paris. To bring us just to find out that Paris was but a start line of a long race that will determine the fate of our humanity. With their contagious passion, they helped us see beyond the banal priorities of next elections into the essential needs of this and next generations.

We are no longer running a race to win, but to survive as human species. Racing with global warming, we have to train and learn as we run, because we are running out of time. We have to make profound changes in our lifestyle, production, consumption and development. We need to replace selfish consumerism with sharing philosophy. Without eternal morality, we will have ephemeral humanity. Only by changing the habits of our hearts will we start changing the heart of the unsustainable global energy system.


The Republic of Macedonia is continuously aligning its manner of reporting with the European Union standards. We are changing the way in which strategies, policies and laws are being drafted and revised with transparent and wide participation of all stakeholders. But even that is not enough. As I speak here, many of my fellow citizens are breathing in some of the most polluted air in Europe. The path is narrow, and we need to compact the ranks. We need to forge a circle of trust among politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, teachers, activists, because we are not racing against each other, but together as a team. Energy, agriculture, transport and construction sectors have to take climate change into consideration. It is necessary for the health of the people, especially the most vulnerable categories. So, our permanent commitment must be green growth and development and lower carbon emissions. But that is possible only if we create green work places. Therefore, we support the Solidarity and Just Transition of Silesia Declaration that deals with prequalification of workforce.

We expect COP24 to place the general rules for monitoring the progress of countries' implementation of the Paris Agreement. The guidelines must be clear, comprehensive but also flexible enough for every country to make assessments and report on its advancement towards the global goal. The Republic of Macedonia belongs to one of the most vulnerable regions in the world in terms of climate change. Therefore, along the climate change mitigation rules, the decisions climate change adaptation of the most affected sectors. There must be a parity between mitigation and adaptation. This is especially important in the context of finance.

The Republic of Macedonia remains dedicated to these efforts. We need to run this race not to win, but to survive, not for ours, but for future generations.

Thank you.