Congratulation message of President Ivanov on the occasion of the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle
Tuesday, 23 October 2018 00:00   

PRM_cestitkaThe President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, sent a congratulation message to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia on the occasion of the celebration of the national holiday October 23rd - the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle.

Respected citizens of the Republic of Macedonia,

The highest goal of one nation is to create its own state. Only those nations that have created their own state have attained freedom by becoming self-sufficient. October 23rd, 1893, is a key moment in the Macedonian revolutionary struggle for achieving that highest goal. Exactly 125 years ago, several brave Macedonians formed the Macedonian Revolutionary Committee, which gave the people hope that, by their own strength, they can stand on their own. Innumerable Macedonian patriots have laid their lives down for the realization of this ideal.

Today, their dream of a free and independent Macedonia is a reality. But freedom is not conquered once and for all, but every day and constantly. Therefore, our generation's obligation is not to allow our free and independent state of the Republic of Macedonia to be disfigured.

In almost all the decisive moments of our history, the people have always brought a wise decision. It was the same this time again. In the referendum held on September 30th, the people, by not voting, clearly voiced their voices against hasty, imposed and harmful solutions adopted without a previously reached national consensus. In the referendum, the people expressed their sovereign will and unequivocally rejected the Prespa Agreement. The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia had to take this into consideration, but the majority of the deputies acted contrary to the will of the people.

It takes courage to persevere in exercising the right to self-determination and in preserving the sovereignty and independence of the state. Courage that enabled the Macedonian revolutionaries and fighters to realize their dream.

People always celebrate the brave and history despises the dreadful and corrupt. Without respect for the past, without own identity and self-awareness, there is no prosperous present, nor will there be a better future. Each generation has its own struggle and aspiration. Our aspiration is towards a better and more dignified life here, in the Republic of Macedonia.

Therefore, let us not lose hope and love for the Republic of Macedonia, because only as a sovereign and independent state it will be a protector of our freedom and our human dignity.

May we celebrate the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle for many years!

Long live the Republic of Macedonia!

Dr. Gjorge Ivanov