Presentation of the credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Poland
Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:26   

polska_11The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Dr. Gjorge Ivanov, received today the letters f credence of H.E. Mr. Wojciech Jerzy Tycinski, newly appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the Republic of Macedonia.

At the ceremony of presenting the credentials, President Ivanov stressed that the Macedonian-Polish relations are characterized by sincere friendship, mutual respect, continuous political dialogue and significant dynamics in cooperation in several areas of mutual interest.

President Ivanov said that the support and assistance from the Republic of Poland for realization of our set strategic goals, membership in NATO and the European Union is of particular importance to our country.

"As President of the Republic of Macedonia I have absolutely no dilemma that the place of the Republic of Macedonia is in the European Union and NATO. But we should join these organizations with our human dignity, without blackmails, pressure and double standards. The sovereign will of the Macedonian citizens in the referendum should be respected. Therefore, after the referendum, I hope that the process for Macedonia's accession to NATO and the European Union will continue", President Ivanov said.

In that regard, President Ivanov asked for support from the Republic of Poland for unblocking the process of membership of the Republic of Macedonia in NATO and the European Union, without violating the right to self-determination.
"I sincerely expect and hope that the Republic of Poland will take into account our arguments, our achievements and that the support in the realization of our goals will continue in the coming, extremely important period. The European perspective is the best guarantee for prosperity and stability in the Balkans", the Macedonian President said.

Ambassador Tycinski stressed that his country attaches great importance to the promotion of bilateral relations and the strengthening of friendly relations between the two friendly nations. Moreover, Ambassador Tycinski emphasized the importance of the values that bring closer the two nations, and that one more thing should be added, which is the compatibility of the common interests as partners in the international relations.

"As a country that has played an important role in the overthrow of the communist system in our part of Europe, we believe that every country deserves our support for its ambitions to shape its fate in accordance with the will of the nation and the principles of the democratic world", Ambassador Tycinski said.

As Ambassador Tycinski pointed out, the acceptance of such a political philosophy by Poland also results from the assumption that free, democratic, development and good cooperation with Macedonia is an important goal not only for Macedonians, but for the entire Balkan region and Europe as whole and that Europe cannot be stable if all European countries do not remain stable.

President Ivanov congratulated the newly appointed ambassador for his post and wished him success in carrying out the responsible diplomatic duty.